Students get close-ups with federal appellate judges

Each year, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals turns Tulane Law School’s Wendell H. Gauthier Appellate Moot Court Room into a federal courtroom, holding a round of arguments in cases currently before the court. This year’s sitting was March 7, and the three-judge panel consisted of Judges James L. Dennis, Jacques L. Wiener Jr. (L ’61) and Catharina Haynes.

The annual event allows students to listen to arguments and see judges appellate lawyers at work. Select students also are invited to lunch with the judges after the arguments. It’s an opportunity to learn and connect, especially for students interested in federal court clerkships.

Here, the judges joined members of the Tulane Chapter of the Federal Bar Association:
Shaun Abreu, Clerc Cooper (both L ’18), Sarah Smith-Clevenger (L ’17), Benjamin de Seingalt (L ’19), Tex Steinfeldt (L ’18), Judges Jacques L. Wiener Jr. (L ’61), James L. Dennis and Catharina Haynes, Michelle Sloss (L ’19), Jay Jensen, Claris Smith (both L ’18) and Laura Sunday (L ’19).